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Medication can play a major role in treating a variety of conditions, either alone or in conjunction with psychotherapy and other modalities. Dr. Adebisi realizes that every patient is different and takes his time to truly understand each patient’s medical and mental health history as well as the unique circumstances and psychological stressors the patient is facing. Based on the information gathered, he develops a comprehensive medication management plan in collaboration with the patient. He takes time to understand each patient’s concerns and, as a philosophy, is always trying to find a medication regimen that maximizes effectiveness and minimizes side effects. 

Dr. Adebisi recognizes the potentially life-changing role of psychotherapy and, while he currently does not offer psychotherapy as a stand-alone service, he is always integrating components of it into his sessions and strongly believes in ongoing collaboration with a patient’s psychotherapist in order to optimize outcomes. 

Utilizing a holistic approach, Dr. Adebisi incorporates self-care practices, problem-solving, meditation and mindfulness wherever possible. 

The initial session usually lasts an hour or longer, and follow-up sessions usually last half an hour. When indicated, telemedicine sessions are available for follow-up appointments. 

Pharmacogenomic Testing

Every person has a unique genetic makeup and, as a result, medication effects can vary from patient to patient. When clinically indicated, pharmacogenomics, or genetic testing, can be used as an additional tool to help determine which medications may work best for a particular patient.

Deep TMS (dTMS)

Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS) is an innovative, medication-free, FDA-approved treatment for major depressive disorder (MDD) and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). It utilizes magnetic fields to generate electrical stimulation in specific parts of the brain and has been shown to be effective in many patients for whom medication and psychotherapy have not worked. These magnetic fields are similar to those used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems. TMS is completely noninvasive and has minimal side effects compared to medication. dTMS is a form of TMS that reaches deeper and wider areas of the brain, and studies suggest it has greater treatment efficacy.

Fees and Insurance:


      • Psychopharmacology: Dr. Adebisi is not currently in network with insurance companies, and payment is due in full at the time of service. He does offer limited sliding-scale fee options, and he provides bills of service, which can be submitted to insurance carriers for patient reimbursement. 
      • dTMS: Dr. Adebisi is not currently in network with insurance companies. However, he will seek to obtain Single Case Agreements (SCA) with most insurers. An SCA is a contract between an insurance company and an out-of-network TMS provider for a specific patient’s treatment. It allows the patient to receive TMS using in-network benefits. The SCA process must be completed before treatment begins. Once it is established, we will negotiate our fee with the patient’s insurance company. Fees are based on NYS Fair Health Law customary rates. Just as with in-network providers, the patient will pay only the routine in-network co-pay for each session (after meeting their in-network deductible, where applicable).
      • Many insurance companies now cover dTMS for depression in patients who have tried 3-4 antidepressants as well as a course of psychotherapy, without success. Many insurance companies will also provide coverage for patients who have prior success with TMS. Coverage of dTMS for patients with OCD varies among insurance providers.

Targeting treatment-resistant depression and OCD with dTMS


FDA-Approved Treatment

Short 20-minute Sessions


No systemic side effects

dTMS covered by most major insurance companies

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